A state-of-the-art laboratory
providing diagnostic and consultative support and services for clinical trials

ITxM Diagnostics SM currently performs a high volume of tests each year to identify deficiencies of coagulation factors and natural anticoagulants, and to determine the presence of dysfunctional coagulation proteins, platelet dysfunction and acquired inhibitors.


ITxM Diagnostics’ experience includes:
  • National Institutes of Health-funded research and clinical trials
  • Extensive experience with pediatric, adult and animal populations
  • Customized test panels
  • Assay development and troubleshooting
ITxM Diagnostics provides:
  • Technically advanced clinical and investigative capabilities
  • Comprehensive planning and execution strategies
  • Strict adherence to study protocols and regulatory guidelines
  • Management of accurate and timely clinical data reporting

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Industry Leadership

ITxM Diagnostics clinical team are leaders in transfusion medicine who work extensively with industry investigators and have a broad experience in clinical trials, including pharmaceutical compounds for evaluation, animal model funded research, and manufacturer assay development studies.

The team of physicians, clinicians, and scientists adapt to the needs of investigators through a thorough understanding of hemostasis and thrombosis, as well as insightful practical knowledge. Thier expertise allows them to execute research that extends beyond routine and esoteric patient testing, and to provide valuable input on the development of complex or specialized coagulation and transfusion medicine protocols.

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ITxM Diagnostics joins the existing members of the SpringFire Laboratory Network which includes GI Pathology, a gastrointestinal specialty laboratory based in Memphis, TN, DPath, a dermatopathology laboratory also based in Memphis, TN; Pathology Consultants of America (PCA) Southeast a women’s health and genitourinary pathology practice in Columbia, TN and Baylor College of Medicine’s The Molecular Genetics Laboratories (MGL) located in Houston, TX,. and Atherotech a high complexity laboratory with a primary focus in lipid testing.

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About ITxM SM

The Institute for Transfusion MedicineSM (ITxMSM) is one of the nation's foremost organizations specializing in transfusion medicine and related services. Headquartered in Pittsburgh with offices in Chicagoland, ITxM provides patients and medical facilities with comprehensive transfusion support, including medical staff consultation and treatment plans, along with testing and delivery of blood products. ITxM business units work together to develop, deliver and influence the highest quality patient care in transfusion medicine and related services.

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