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Our Total Blood Management (TBM) program is a unique, systematic approach that uses a multi-disciplinary process to optimize transfusion practice. We believe it’s important to carefully analyze every transfusion decision before it’s made by engaging all key players in any type of surgical situation or procedure. That core principle enables our transfusion experts to identify opportunities and provide techniques to improve your transfusion medicine practice.

The overall goals of TBM are to minimize unnecessary phlebotomies, improve patient care and reduce risk, manage limited blood inventories, and contain costs. Some of the strategies we implement include:

  • Transfusion practices analysis and strategies
  • Pre-operative optimization of patient hemoglobin and coagulation status in preparation for surgical procedures
  • Education on selection of alternative, less invasive procedures
  • Intra-operative blood conservation using surgical techniques, blood salvage methods, point-of-care testing, and pharmacologic agents to limit blood loss
  • Post-operative blood conservation
  • Transfusion practice change, implementation, and monitoring
  • Monitoring and reporting of transfusion practices
  • Centralization of transfusion services

It’s important to realize that TBM is not just for surgeries. Since half of all transfusions are used for non-surgical procedures, TBM is relevant for oncology patients and others who suffer from conditions that require blood products.

Because our transfusion experts have treated patients with a wide-range of conditions and have decades of expertise working with both pediatric and adult patients, they provide best practices and evidence-based decisions for trigger, dose, and type of transfusion support. Their data-based recommendations result in success for patients and for your transfusion practice, from both a clinical and financial perspective.

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