ITxM Clinical Services: Public Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood can be very successful in treating diseases of the blood and immune system. ITxM is proud to provide new opportunities for public cord blood donations so those in need have access to the lifesaving benefits that cord blood stem cells offer.

As a national leader in public education, recruitment, and collections, ITxM makes it easy for your organization to begin a public cord blood initiative. Our extensive experience in collecting, processing, and releasing cord blood units for transplantation or research can be leveraged for your program requirements.

Our comprehensive cord blood program includes educating hospital staff and residents about the importance of cord blood donations, recruiting and educating potential cord blood donors via marketing materials and personal meetings, and training staff how to properly collect cord blood from donors.

Once the donation is obtained, we provide transportation, testing, cryopreservation, storage, cataloging, and quality control. We also can work with you to provide customized ongoing performance reports. Our Cord Blood Services Bank works with the National Marrow Donor Program to help people in need of stem cells locate an acceptable cord blood donation. By working together, we can provide lifesaving cord blood from voluntary donors to thousands of patients who desperately need it.


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