ITxM Clinical Services: Immunohematology Reference Lab

ITxM is your best choice for reference testing, especially when patient needs can’t be met by routine inventory. While our lab is a valuable resource for routine needs, we excel in antibody testing and providing compatible blood products for patients with serological problems who are in need of complicated transfusion treatments. We’re successful because we:

  • Type extensive antigens, including those that are rare and difficult to find
  • Have more experience testing blood for antibodies than most other labs
  • Have access to an extensive local inventory that is driven by two blood centers (approximately 200,000 donations annually) as well as access to frozen rare units for use in unusual compatability cases
  • Utilize the American Rare Donor Program to obtain compatible blood that may not be available in our own inventory

These elements help us quickly and efficiently find a compatible match so you have the blood you need when you need it. In fact, our team of experts is available 24/7 so they can provide same-day turnaround within a four-hour driving distance of our labs in Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Compatible blood and fast turn-around aren’t the only benefit we offer our customers. Our transfusion medicine physician specialists use their 20 years of clinical experience to help develop transfusion strategies for patients. Their expertise coupled with your knowledge about the patient helps to ensure safe and beneficial transfusions.

We’re also a cost-effective resource. Our extensive inventory of testing reagents and the large volume of special testing we provide enables us to keep costs down for institutions of all sizes.

The Pittsburgh lab is one of only two reference laboratories in Pennsylvania to be accredited by AABB.

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