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ITxM Clinical Services

ITXM Clinical Services

Our Clinical Services team focuses on the pre-transfusion testing and delivery of vital blood products to patients in the Pittsburgh and Chicago regions. In addition, we contribute to the treatment requirements of stem cell transplant patients who are waiting for lifesaving hematological transplants worldwide.

We rely on a staff of approximately 125 laboratory professionals and four full-time physicians who are board certified in transfusion medicine. Our technical and medical staff is viewed as integral partners by our hospitals. We work closely with our health care provider partners to establish standards for transfusion decisions, ensuring that all patients receive the proper type and dosage of transfusion products. Together, our team of experts has managed the safe transfusion of more than 300,000 blood products.

The quality and regulatory health of Clinical Services is unparalleled, as evidenced by the successful outcomes of on-site assessments required by the Food and Drug Administration, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Joint Commission on the Accreditation on Healthcare Organizations, and AABB, the industry organization that accredits facilities providing blood banking products and services.

Clinical Services includes these specialty areas:

Clinical Services Licenses/Certifications

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