About ITxM

The Institute for Transfusion Medicine is the leader in transfusion medicine in the Pittsburgh, Virginia and Chicagoland regions. Our experienced team offers patients and medical facilities comprehensive support, including consultation with our specialized medical staff and delivery and testing of blood products by our skilled technicians.

Our three blood centers, Central Blood Bank in Pittsburgh, Virginia Blood Services, and LifeSource in Chicago, provide nearly a million units of lifesaving blood products annually. ITxM Diagnostics is the leading source of therapeutic and coagulation reference testing services while ITxM Clinical Services focuses on the pre-transfusion testing and delivery of vital blood products to patients.

In 2017 ITxM merged with Blood Systems, one of the oldest and largest non-profit community blood service providers in the country. Combined, ITxM and Blood Systems serve more than 1,000 hospitals in 28 states from coast to coast.

The benefits of this collaboration are many, including sharing the breadth of Blood Systems’ offerings to hospitals and health systems in the northeast as well as bringing ITxM’s experience and expertise in centralized transfusion services, coagulation diagnostics and hemophilia patient services to Blood Systems’ customers around the country.

Through the efforts of the Blood Science Foundation, our Research Institute has established a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh to conduct more extensive clinical research. We anticipate our findings will further our understanding of blood and blood disorders while creating opportunities for new or more effective treatments.

The hallmarks of our services are rapid turnaround coupled with expert professional support. We take great pride in our responsive and friendly staff, who deliver the highest quality care and service to the patients and medical communities we serve.

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